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Lantern Lane Nursery - F1

Welcome to the Foundation Stage of Lantern Lane School.


Our Foundation Unit opened in July 2003 and is purpose-built to accommodate children from 3 to 5 years.  The unit has the capacity for 80 part-time Foundation 1 children (40 in the morning and 40 in the afternoon).  This stimulating and well-equipped area within our school also accommodates our full-time Foundation 2 children.


All Foundation 1 children are entitled to 15 hours of government-funded provision in the unit.  In addition to this, we also offer an additional 15 hours (30 hours in total) to all families, which can be paid for by cash, cheque, bank transfer or childcare vouchers (directly to school). Alternatively, some families can fund this through the Government’s free 30-hour childcare offer: click here to see if you are eligible.

For a small additional cost, we also offer a lunchtime club to the children.


Children in the unit follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and are assessed against the Foundation Stage profile (click here for more information). Learning in F1 revolves around play, which encourages – and supports – the children to explore, relate to others, set their own goals and solve problems. Some of this play is guided by the adults in the unit but we actively encourage play led by the children themselves. We recognise that each child develops at different rates: our highly-experienced staff stimulate the children’s interests and respond to each child’s emerging needs through genuine interactions and the development of secure routines.

Our curriculum encourages children to investigate, explore and ask questions whilst supporting them to keep on trying if they encounter difficulties and to celebrate the their achievements and those of their peers. EYFS Curriculum - F1


We see our Foundation Unit as an invaluable starting point to life at Lantern Lane Primary and to the children achieving in line with our intent. We begin here to foster our C.A.R.E values with every child - regardless of their age - being encouraged to be confident, to achieve, to respect and to be enthusiastic about everything they do today and in the future. 


From the outset, we want to work in partnership with all our parents as we feel this secures the best outcomes for your children. Parents are invited and encouraged to take part in many of our activities and to be involved as much as possible in school life depending on individual personal circumstances.

If you would like to apply for a place in our Foundation Unit, please visit the school office, where they will be happy to give you all the information you need. Alternatively, you may print off and complete the pupil information form (see below) and bring it the the school office with your child's birth certificate.

Important Documents for Starting in F1:

Starting F1 Information for parents

Application Form

Collection consent form

Ethnicity Form

Free School Meals 

Pre-School Experience Form

Privacy Notice

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