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Pupil Premium & Catch Up Funding

Pupil Premium and How We Spend It:

The Government has allocated extra funding to schools to support them in ensuring that disadvantaged children achieve their potential, thereby securing better outcomes for the future.

This funding is called the pupil premium and is a given sum of money payable to the school for each child who:

*is registered for free school meals (FSM);

*has been registered for FSM at any point in the last 6 years;

*has been looked after by Social Care continuously for more than 6 months;

*has a parent/s employed in the armed forces. 

NB: in the year 2021/22, there was an additional payment for each of these children to address the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic; this is called the recovery premium.

Details of allocations by financial year, the key principles on which funding was allocated, and evaluation of the spending are given in the documents below.

23/24 Pupil Premium Strategy statement including 22/23 impact

22/23 Pupil Premium Strategy statement including 21/22 impact

21/22 Pupil Premium Strategy statement including 19/21 impact

Evaluation 18/19

Evaluation 17/18

Catch Up Premium and How We Spend It

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption this has caused to children's learning, the government has provided additional funding for every child in school. The following document explains the purpose of this funding and how it will be used at Lantern Lane. 

Catch Up Premium Strategy Statement

If you require any further information regarding pupil or catch-up premium, please contact Mrs Butler, the headteacher. 

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