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The Enriched Curriculum

We believe that the curriculum at Lantern Lane is the sum of all the experiences that are available to our pupils. Below are just some examples of the events, activities & opportunities that provide the children of Lantern Lane with the platform they need to achieve in line with our intent statement.

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Pupil Voice:

To discover what some of our Year 6 pupils thought about the benefits of our sporting afterschool clubs, please follow this link.

What does this look like in each year group?

At Lantern Lane we intend that all the children will have the skills needed to enjoy life and learning as well as developing and nurturing healthy bodies and minds. In each year group, we enhance our exciting curriculum through different areas. Take a look at what each group has to offer on top of their sequenced curriculum activities.

Please visit our year group overview page to find out about our curriculum in each year group.


Assembly Programme:

Our assembly programme is an important part of our curriculum offering.

Whole school assembly takes place on a Monday morning and is led by either Mrs Thompson or Mrs Panther. It is an opportunity to reinforce key messages from our intent statement; launch themed weeks, e.g. Anti-Bullying or Mental Health Awareness; celebrate the diversity of our amazing world, and reinforce key PSHE teaching that supports a productive & harmonious school community. Often, the themes are planned in advance but they are also sometimes chosen in response to what we observe or hear within school or the local community. 

Golden Book Assembly, where we celebrate children who embrace our C.A.R.E values, takes place on a Friday.

On all other days, assemblies take place within classes, year groups or key stages.

To give you a flavour of the approach we take, you can see below the whole school assembly schedule from the last school year and the current schedule for Autumn term 2023.

This will be updated regularly through the year.

Whole School Assembly - Spring 2024

Whole School Assembly - Autumn 2023

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