British Values


The Government states that all school children need to be prepared for life in modern Britain and should understand what British Values are.  We give below details of what the Government outline these to be and in brackets you can see what our children felt this meant to them when we discussed it with them.


(Decisions made together, in a fair way.  These decisions can often involve a vote.)

The Rule of Law

(Laws made by Parliament to tell us what we must and must not do.  Laws help us to make sure our lives run smoothly.)

Individual Liberty

(Having the freedom to make choices.)

Mutual Respect

(Treating everyone with respect and understanding that our behaviour affects others.)

Tolerance of Those with Different Faiths and Beliefs and for Those without a Faith

(Celebrating different faiths and cultures.  Understanding that people have a right to their beliefs, even if they are different from ours.)

At Lantern Lane, we have worked hard to ensure that these values are encompassed by our C.A.R.E values and are shared in such a way that everyone can understand them.

Here is our Mission Statement

During our time at Lantern Lane and our time after, we hope to respect and understand others and ourselves, to be confident and enthusiastic in facing new challenges so that we can be proud of our achievements.


(Written by The Inclusion Group, Presented to the Senior Leadership Team 8/6/2016)

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