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Our Intent...

At Lantern Lane Primary School, we have high aspirations for all of our learners and intend that - by the end of their time with us - they are able to:

  • Welcome everyone and celebrate all that they have to offer;

  • Have the knowledge and the skills to make sense of the world in which they live in and relate to others in it;

  • Have the skills needed to enjoy life and learning;

  • Embrace diversity;

  • Understand what makes them the person they are;

  • Understand what helps them to learn best, knowing that learning is life-long;

  • See the value of continued hard work;

  • Thrive in the future regardless of change and challenges because they have the right skills and knowledge;

  • Have the confidence to make their own decisions;

  • Keep themselves & everyone else safe;

  • Appreciate and look after the world we share;

  • Develop and nurture healthy bodies & minds;

  • Have a curious mind, thinking independently and evaluating what they hear and see;

  • Take responsibility within school and beyond.

To achieve this, we aim to provide an environment that nurtures confidence, achievement, respect and enthusiasm (C.A.R.E) in all aspects of life.

C: To enable all pupils, staff, governors and parents to have the confidence in themselves to achieve their best in our school and in the wider community - both now and in the future.


A: To enable all pupils, staff, governors and parents to achieve by developing an interest in and love of learning across all areas of life.


R: For everyone to respect and value each other (both within school and the wider community) whilst also respecting authority and the environment in which we live and work.


E: To fully engage and be enthusiastic, embracing new opportunities, taking appropriate risks and responding positively to challenge.

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