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Grammar At Lantern Lane:

We believe, for our children to become confident writers, our grammar curriculum must be sequenced carefully, ensuring a secure understanding of word classes is acquired. Grammatical knowledge provides the building blocks for structuring accurate and varied sentences. To support children with their understanding of word classes, we use dual-coded flashcards to aid retrieval:
















Our curriculum ensures that each small step on the journey of understanding is explicitly taught within blocks of learning e.g. tenses, punctuation and word classes. Here, you will find the long-term plan for KS2 grammar. Each KS2 grammar lesson follows a consistent approach.


To begin, there is a fluency starter, where the children retrieve key word class knowledge. This is followed by revisiting other key knowledge that will form the foundations upon which the new learning will be built. Worked examples are used extensively to allow pupils to discuss their ideas with a peer and, crucially, justify their understanding; children are given the opportunity to rehearse and practise their skills repeatedly before they are asked to work independently. KS1 lessons follow this approach where appropriate.

During a recent pupil voice interview, our KS2 pupils made the following comments:

“We use the flashcards to teach us nouns, verbs, adjectives and loads more. The picture helps us to learn what the words mean e.g. a cat is a noun. It’s really fun for us.”

“I’m trying to apply the grammar in my writing so I might use “he’ll” rather than “he will” because I understand contractions now.”

“We’ve been doing it [grammar] “bit by bit” which helps us to remember it. We’ve been breaking it down and focusing on a word class for longer - like three days on prepositions.”

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