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We hope that all the information you need, as your children moves through the year groups at Lantern Lane, can be found on this page, or on our website generally. However, if you have any further questions or queries, please email the school office at and they will forward you enquiry to the appropriate year group team.

The school day starts at 8.40am and ends at 3.15pm.

Registers are taken at 8.45am and it is important that children arrive promptly as learning starts as soon as the school day does. Arrival after 8.50am will be recorded as late.

Older siblings should be dropped at the Annex first as a member of staff will be on the playground here from 8.35am to provide supervision.

Children should be dropped at their classroom doors and, should you need to speak to teachers, they will be available at the start and end of the day for brief messages or discussions. If you have a concern that requires a longer conversation, you may well be asked to make an appointment for another time.

Children should be collected from the main school first at the end of the day before collecting from the annex. If you wish children to walk home by themselves, or meet you at the main school, please inform the Y5 or 6 teachers via letter or partnership Book.

Information about our partnership books can be found here.

Drinks and snacks


Bottles should ideally have a sports style cap. Children are provided with one on entry to school and new ones can be purchased from the school office. These should be named and taken home to be washed daily. They should also be filled at home before coming to school. They can be 
re-filled during the day at appropriate times using the filtered water machines. School cannot provide cups for forgotten bottles.


Children under 5 are eligible for free milk daily. This should be ordered through the Cool Milk website.

All other children can order milk at a cost. Further information can be found here.


Children in Reception and KS1 are eligible for a free piece of fruit daily. This is provided in school during fruit and milk time before break.

Children in KS2 should bring their own healthy snack should they want one. This should ideally be a piece of fresh fruit/vegetables.


 Our intent as a school is focused on enabling our children to: 
o Have the skills needed to enjoy life and learning;
o Understand what helps them to learn best, knowing that learning is life-long; 
o See the value of continued hard work; 
o Thrive in the future regardless of change and challenges because they have the right skills and knowledge

In line with this, we are committed to ensuring all our children are confident learners, who can achieve their potential, but, for this to be achieved, they need to be present for all aspects of their education. Regular attendance is critical, affecting children's success at Lantern Lane but also far into the future. Whilst we accept that some absence may be unavoidable, we would urge you to work in partnership with us to kept lost learning time to an absolute minimum.


Information about attendance and absence can be found here.


 A dark green school cardigan/ sweatshirt/ fleece.
 White/ dark green polo shirt or white blouse/shirt.
 Grey trousers/skirt/ pinafore/shorts.
 Green/white gingham dress.
 Black shoes (not trainers).
 White, black or grey socks/grey or green tights.
 Coat appropriate for weather conditions

Full information, including our Uniform Policy and ordering information can be found here

PE Kit

Children will need an indoor and outdoor PE kit: Lantern Lane t-shirt, green shorts and plimsolls for indoors, and joggers, jumper and trainers for outdoor PE.

No jewellery can be worn for PE unless ears have been recently pierced. In this case, children should either remove the ear-rings themselves or cover them with plasters provided by home.

kit and uniform should be labelled clearly, be in school every day and washed during holidays or at weekends.

EYFS and KS1 Phonics

At Lantern Lane, the phonics scheme we follow is Twinkl Phonics. The children learn to read and write using phonics. The children will learn a phoneme per day or week (depending which level of phonics they are working at). More information on this can be found here.

 If your child is on a green, blue, yellow, red or pink book band, then their reading book will closely match their phonics learning at school. To support your child at home, we would appreciate you reading with your child at least 3 times a week.

In addition to this, a weekly Twinkl Phonics parents’ help-sheet will be posted on Seesaw/Tapestry. This help-sheet will reflect your child’s phonics learning at school and allow you to support them at home.

In the Autumn term (date to be advised in due course), a parents meeting will take place to allow F2 and Year 1 parents to gain more information about the learning of phonics at Lantern Lane.


Children are expected to follow school and classroom rules and, where these expectations are not met, the school behaviour ladder will be implemented. If your child’s behaviour is such that they reach Step 2 of the behaviour ladder, you will be informed via their partnership book, and they will lose 5 minutes of their break time on the same day. If they move up further steps on the ladder, they will lose an extra five minutes for each step and you will also be advised. Poor behaviour choices can mean a child loses all of their playtime.

We expect children to start to be more independent in KS2 e.g. choosing the right time to go to the toilet, passing letters and messages between school and home, and bringing in PE kit – they should help you to remember!

Good behaviour and excellent work will be rewarded by receiving house points or being on the CARE wall. Children consistently behaving well and working hard will be rewarded through Golden Book assembly and CARE certificates.

Lantern Lane's behaviour policy can be found here.

KS2 Spelling

At Lantern Lane, we use a phoneme-centred approach to teach spelling; each week, the children focus on a different phoneme (sound), rather than learning a ‘rule’. In your child’s partnership book, there will be an overview of the half term’s spelling, which will inform you which phoneme (sound) and graphemes (ways to make the sound) will be learnt each week. More information on this can be found here.


We would really appreciate it if you could spend some time at home looking at the phoneme your child is learning that week, and then helping them to practise the words from the example word list provided.

General Reminders

Children should not have any toys in school at all unless it has been specifically agreed with the class teacher. Fidget toys should also not be brought into school under any 
circumstances; lass teachers will provide fidget toys if deemed necessary and in consultation with parents.
 Children are expected to use the toilet at sensible times and may be asked, where this is appropriate, to wait for an appropriate time to go. Please do advise your child's teacher if your child has a medical condition that may affect this.
 Please make sure EVERYTHING is named so that we can avoid, wherever possible, the loss of belongings.
 Please ensure contact details are up to date at the office..
 Please check book bags and partnership books regularly for notes and letters.
 We are unable to authorise holidays during term time (please see our attendance policy for more details).


Children in Reception (F2) are expected to read at home a minimum of five times weekly. They will also be asked to practise reading 'Badger' words and their letter & number formation. 

In KS1, homework is set weekly and linked to your child's learning in school. Homework will have an English, maths, or topic focus. Occasionally, if your child needs more targeted support with their learning, their teacher may send individualised tasks home. Homework will be put on Seesaw on Friday and is expected to be completed by the following Friday. All information about Seesaw logins will be sent out in September.

In KS2, the children will be expected to complete short maths and English activities on a weekly basis, which will be posted on Seesaw. It is also an expectation that children will complete 10-15 minutes of reading and 10-15 minutes of times tables practice on an almost daily basis.

If you would prefer paper copies of any homework set, please speak to the class teacher.

Follow us

School has a Facebook and Instagram account with information about whole school events and information for parents.

Find our Facebook page here

School Meals

Children in Reception and KS1 are eligible for Universal Free School Meals. 

In KS2, a hot school dinner and pudding is £2.45.

You or your child/ren can decide each day whether they would like a packed lunch or school meal. Their choice will be recorded each morning during the register.

Information about our school meals, including the dinner menu choices, can be found here.

Rewards and Houses

On entry to school, all our children are placed in houses (all siblings are placed in the same house).

Children earn house points in school both on a daily basis and through dedicated events by demonstrating the C.A.R.E values we promote as a school. The house with the most points is announced each week and there are treats for the winning houses termly - with a treat day for the house that scores most weekly 'wins' across the school year. 

Our houses are named after local inspirational people; Bley, De Ferrers, Mills and Roulstone.

More information can be found here

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