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Remote Learning

The information in the document below is provided to parents and carers so that they are aware of what to expect from remote education at Lantern Lane, where national or local restrictions require our pupils to continue their education from home.

Please note that the provision for individual pupils that are required to self-isolate, whilst the rest of their class remains in school, will differ and so is covered at the end of the document below – in Appendix 1.


Remote Learning Information​ for parents

Lantern Lane’s remote provision has been structured so that it provides as much continuity as possible for your children’s learning whilst recognising the demands this places on your family and the unique challenges of engaging our pupils when they are not in our classrooms. It is based both on the Government guidelines but also on our knowledge of your children and it has evolved based on feedback from children, parents and teachers, who have already experienced this type of learning.

Live lessons are provided using Teams - children can use their login details here

Work is set, in KS1 and 2, via Seesaw which can be found here

Foundation Stage work is shared via Tapestry

All of the applications above (Seesaw, Tapestry and Teams) can also be accessed via apps in the App Store or on Google Play

Our Remote Learning Policy and acceptable use agreement can be found below

Remote Learning Policy

Remote Learning AUP

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