TT Rock Stars and Numbots

The TTRS and Numbots websites support our children with times table learning and number knowledge. Please find guidance about how to use them below.


You can visit them at:        and

‘Numbots’ is an add-on website to Times Tables Rock Stars and is aimed at 5-8 year olds to help develop fluency in mathematics skills. All children can access this website using their TT Rockstars log in.

When you go to log in, select our school ‘Lantern Lane Primary and Nursery School’ and then your child can enter their username and password (same as TT Rockstars).

numbot 1.png

Your child will then get the option to choose a robot in order to play the games.

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There are two different modes – Story Mode and Challenge Mode.

Story Mode
In Story Mode there are 18 different stages to work through starting with ‘Rust’ and ending with ‘Diamond’.

In each of these stages will be several levels where your child can earn stars and coins for completing them. The more accurate and faster their answers, the more stars and coins they will get. They will need to earn 2 or more stars to progress to the next level.


Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is a quickfire testing round, where pupils can test their skill set and earn trophies and coins.

‘Numbots’ can be used on a computer or a tablet by downloading the ‘Numbots’ app.

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TT Rock Stars

Times Table Rockstars is an online tool Lantern Lane Primary and Nursery School has purchased and is aimed at 7-11 year olds to support children with their times tables (our children begin this in school in the Spring term of year 2). Each child has their own personal login.


Once logged in, the children are given a rock star and can choose from some rock star names. They can also choose hair, eyes and other avatar essentials. Then the fun starts…

They can either go into one of the training modes or they can go into the rock festivals. These arenas (named after different venues such as Glastonbury or Wembley) are where the children can ‘battle’ against each other. As they answer questions correctly, they earn coins. These coins can be used to adapt their avatar and also show in the leaderboards. Each game only lasts 60 seconds.

There is also a feature where children can challenge a friend. So one will play a game and send the time to their friend, when they log in, they will see the challenge and be able to see a “ghost” of their friend’s achievements and try and beat it. Friendly competition is a good thing.

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