Sports Premium and How We Spend It


The Government provides funding to each school to improve the quality of sport and PE for children in primary schools.   


At Lantern Lane, we are committed to ensuring appropriate and relevant PE provision for all of our children. This is evident in the range of activities in and out of school that we offer, including being involved in competitive sports. We have some specialist staff who support us in delivering good quality provision. We recognise the importance of PE on the health and well being of our children and the impact the PE curriculum and extra curricular activities can have on the attitudes, confidence and achievement of all of our children.  The report below gives details of the funding we have received and how we are using it.









Pupil Premium and How We Spend It

The Government has allocated extra funding to schools to support children to achieve their very best. This funding is called the pupil premium and is based on the number of students registered for free school meals or who are looked-after children. 

Details of allocations by financial year, the key principles on which funding was allocated, and evaluation of the spending are given in the documents below.














Catch Up Premium and How We Spend It

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption this has caused to children's learning, the government has provided additional funding for every child in school. The following document explains the purpose of this funding and how it will be used at Lantern Lane. 

If you require any further information regarding pupil, catch-up or sports premium, please contact Mrs Butler, the headteacher.