PSHE & Anti-Bullying


Anti-Bullying Week 2019


We all began our Anti-Bullying week by celebrating what makes us all unique and wearing odd socks to school. Staff and children joined in and we loved seeing a range of crazy colours, spots, stripes and all sorts!

In our assembly we learned about how we can all work together to stop bullying with the theme of Change Starts With Us. Children offered positive messages and in classes discussions and stories focussed around how they can all contribute to make sure everyone is treated kindly and respectfully, and what to do if they or somebody else is being bullied.

At Lantern Lane we believe our school is a place where everyone is treated equally, encouraged and respected. We are committed to our school being a safe and inclusive place where learning is nurtured and encouraged in a happy and caring environment.


In 2017, we held a competition to design and make a class or year group video to support the theme, "All different, all equal". Our winners were Miss Harbey's Class in Year 5.