Our Values

At Lantern Lane we will ‘C.A.R.E ‘for everyone and everything in our school and the wider community now and in the future.


Our School Aims



Aim-To enable all pupils, staff, governors and parents to have the confidence in themselves to achieve their best in school and in the wider community both now and in the future.



Aim-To enable all pupils, staff, governors and parents to achieve by developing an interest and love of learning across all areas of life.



Aim-For everyone to respect and value each other, both in school and within the wider community, to respect authority, decisions made and to respect the environment in which we live and work.



Aim-To engage and be enthusiastic to try everything. To be prepared to take risks and to openly face challenge. 

Our Aims

Our school values every member of the school community. We aim to provide an environment that nurtures Confidence, Achievement, Respect and Enthusiasm (C.A.R.E.) in all aspects of life.



We all work together to provide a happy, safe and secure school in which we encourage all children to set their sights high, to make the most of their talents and to celebrate differences.



We work hard to create challenging and fun learning opportunities that enable everyone to be confident and responsible members of the society in which we live.



The staff and governors are committed to maintaining the strong and supportive partnership between pupils, parents, carers, teachers and the wider community.