Look here to find out about the extra-curricular activities we offer at Lantern Lane.


Extra-curricular Activities


Over the last year we have tried to offer a wider range of extra-curricular activities.  We are extremely grateful to the staff and parents who have given their time to run these activities.  However, we are aware that the system for allocating places could be improved.


From September we will offer activities three times a year, for both half terms.  Please select an activity or activities for each half term (if desired).  We will try our utmost to make sure that you are allocated at least one activity over the whole term.  If clubs are undersubscribed you may be allocated more than one.  We will confirm by text which children have been offered places.


Please ensure that slips are returned promptly so that places can be allocated.


Also, if your child cannot attend a session, please can you ensure that the teacher in charge of the club is informed.  If your child no longer wants to attend, again, please ensure that the teacher knows so their place can be offered to someone else.


Anyone not attending the first week will receive a text reminder.  If they do not attend a second week their place may be offered to someone else.


Please see the Parents/Letters link for details of the activities currently on offer.