It is very important to stay safe whenever you are online, whether on a computer, a phone or a tablet.


Remember that what you say and do online should be respectful, just like in real life. 


If you see anthing that you think is unkind or something you shouldn't see then always tell an adult. They can help you report any issues, talk about what you might have seen and help you solve any problems.


Remember, private information should stay private. Never give out your password, your phone number, address or use your full name. 


If somebody you don't know starts talking to you online and suggests meeting - don't go. Tell an adult. 



Click on the button to find a copy of Childnet's E-safety guide for parents or visit their website where you will find more informaiton about how you can help your children stay safe online. 




Go to the learning sites page (in the children menu) to find some E-Safety games.



Have a look at our posters reminding you of some of our key E-Safety messgaes.

Slide your mouse to the side to see all the images.


Google have created a child friendly search engine called kiddle. Visit kiddle.co to do any searching on the internet - they automatically filter out all the bad stuff and won't show you anything inappropriate. 



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Please take a look at the articles from Parent Info about e-safety - some are more applicable if you have older children but it is all informative.