The Lantern Lane Fairytale

For World Book Day 2017, each year group chose a different traditional tale or fairy tale to focus on for the day. Within each class there were activities related to the stories as well as some fantastic costumes.

The teachers swapped classes and read a story to a different year group which the children all enjoyed and then as the day went on, the whole school wrote a story together. At 9 o'clock, Foundation Stage started off the story using an object their teacher had brought in to help them create their section. The story was then sent to each class to add to the story until it was finished in Year 6. Mr Thomas then read the story to all the children in assembly in the story telling chair. The children all thoroughly enjoyed listening to their own story. Mrs Ness has put the story together in a book, with a display of photos from the day in the school entrance. You can also view the book here and see some of the photos on our year group twitter pages.